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Innovative learning equipment for teaching electrical and electronics concepts.

The WES Model

Simple & Intuitive

Designed to bring together traditional electronics theory and practical work, the WES is a unique learning tool.

Bringing Theory to Life

The WES models transform theory into practice by providing and interactive version of what students read about.

WES Model from Edukate Systems

Suitable for Multiple Environments


Universities & Colleges


How It Works

The WES model is designed to match traditional electrical and electronics symbols symbols that are used for theory studies. By combining these with actual working components, the model brings the theory to life and creates a visible link between theory and practice.

Each model contains a component which can be connected to other WES pieces, multi-meters and a power supply to create functioning circuits. This is an interactive way for students to engage in the learning process through simple but effective exercises. The video here demonstrates the use of the WES models in a practical interactive electrotechnology learning environment.


lamp magnet


The simple design of the WES models makes them easy to use and understand for all students.



The WES model engages students by providing practical learning experiences.



The WES equipment is capable of modelling both simple circuits and more complex systems.

Resistor Magnet


The blend of functionality and simplicity of the WES models is due to an innovative design process based on years of experience.

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